Organize without interrupting your creativity.

Spacebrain is a new way to store and track your stuff. Create and arrange cards on spaces. Use stacks and columns to organize ideas and projects. Design custom cards and build mini-apps, even if you aren't a meganerd.

Infinite Space

Pin content on spaces to group related ideas. Add photos and websites, leaving them free on the canvas or stack into working groups. Write information on cards or place freeform text.

Spatial Freedom

Move cards, stacks, and columns without restriction. Mix & match text, buttons, and mini-apps. You can build whatever works for you.

Design custom cards

Add only the details you need. Easily link and centralize info so you can edit in one place and update everywhere. Build Kanban flows with columns but keep the ability to freely arrange content.

Build mini-apps

Use the drag ’n drop UI builder to create mini-apps without writing code. Make forms for creating or updating cards, or for showing information from a filtered set of cards. Share your apps with friends and clients using a simple link.


Coming soon

Spacebrain will launch its pre-release program soon. Join the early adopters and help shape the future. Earn rewards available only to pre-release users !

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